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Teflon -S non-stick coatings are fluoropolymer
based, combined with appropriate resins or modifiers
to improve abrasion resistance. Because the film
components stratify during baking, most of the
fluoropolymer properties (such as low-coefficient of
friction and non-stick character) are retained:
abrasion resistance is excellent. Bake requirements
vary from 165 C to 315 C ( 325 F to  600 F).
These products are one-coat and can often be
applied to smooth clean, untreated material.

                               Coating Statistics
Teflon -S
Tensile Strenght ( ASTM D1708)
3000-12000 PSI
Hardness (ASTN D2240 )
60 HB ( Shore D )
Abrasion Resistance ( ASTM 04060 )
Coefficient of friction ( ASTM D1894 )
.15 static
Dielectric Strenght ( ASTM D149 )
100 volts per mil
Use Temperature
450 F max
Chemical Resistance ( ASTM D543 )
.00005" - .0001"
"World wide leaders in Fluoropolymer coating"

"The most complete line of fluoropolymer
                  coatings in the world"

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