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Plascoat® PPA 571 has been specifically designed to provide a long lasting, tough coating for exterior applications to mild steel, galvanised steel and aluminium. It is based on an alloy of acid modified polyolefins. Therefore it is halogen free and the combustion fumes are low in smoke and have a very low toxicity index.
Plascoat PPA 571 is resistant to stress cracking, adverse weather conditions, detergents, salt spray and typical airborne pollutants. The coating maintains excellent adhesion to the metal substrate without the need for a separate primer. The material also provides a good degree of electrical insulation, abrasion and impact resistance.

                               Coating Statistics
Tensile Strenght ( ISO 527)
1740 lb/ in²
Elongation at Break
Shore A :95
Shore D :44
Melting Point
221° F
Vicat Softening Point ISO 306
158° F
Dielectric Strenght IEC 243 VDE 0303
1.21 V/mil at 15 mils
Brittleness Temperature (ASTM D746)
-108° F
Tear Strenght (ASTM D1938)
0.13 lbf./mil.
Environmental Stress cracking
(ASTM D1693)
Greater than 1000 hours
Specific Gravity
0.96 g/cm³
Toxicity Index NES 7
Volume Resistivity IEC 93
3 x 10 17
Surface Resistivity IEC 93
8 x 10 17 Ohm at 15 mils.
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